Membrane Technology

Water Treatment

In recent year, membrane technology in water treatment system becomes a generally effective solution to transforming otherwise unusable water into water products suitable for any usage.

The family of membrane processes is now very diverse.
They generally classified as micro-filtration (MF), Ultra-filtration (UF), Nano-filtration (NF) and Reverse osmosis (RO). Water with desirable quality can be produced with the combination of MF/RO, UF/RO or MF/NF.

Reverse Osomsis (RO) is the best choice for most of the industry with high water consumption. “RO water” quality is much more puritied than the regular softened water.

At ECM, we analyze the contaminations and their concentrations in the feed water and the permeate so as to identify what is the best way to maximize the use of membrane.

Reverse Osmosis (RO)

RO is based on the process of osmosis. Osmosis involves the selective movement of water from one side of a  membrane to the other. To make the process work, The pressure is applied to the contaminated water, forcing water through the membrane. Since contaminants do not move with the water as it moves across the membrane, purer water collects on the other side of the membrane. The purified water that accumulates on the other side of the membrane can then be used or stored. The efficiency with which membranes reject the
contaminant molecules depends on the pollutant concentration and chemical properties of the pollutants. Membrane type and operating conditions will also affect the degree of pollutant removal.

The recycling is aimed at the high water consumption industries and emphasized at the “cooling water blow down” and the “treated water effluent”

Conception of ECM

Treat your discharged water into a makeup water quality in a lower cost than buying New Recycling System.

Our System make you More Profitable

  • Gain a profit from reducing a buying cost of new makeup water

  • Reducing quantities of chemical reagents

  • Extending your Blow Down time

  • No investment cost for water recycling system & service team

  • Automatic switching in case of System Fouling

  • An acknowledgment of NATURAL PRESERVATION



Environmental Care Management Company Limited (ECM) was established in September 2004. When InterproMEW Joint Venture agreed to provide a totally complete solution for the management of the Industrial Waste Management Center Bangpoo. Located in Industrial Estate in Samutpra￾karn, the center is the first hazardous waste incineration plant in Thailand and is owned by Department of Industrial Works, Ministry of Industry.


Initially registered and incorporated with a capital of 10 million baht, the capital was later increased to 60 million baht to support future core business expansion into the field of Environment & Energy related. Succession is due to its flexibility in tailoring its quality products to meet customer requirement budgets and needs.


Today, we offer a wide variety of services and products for water treatment, ranging from Water Recycle System, Desalination System, to customer specified complex water treatment solutions. ECM also offers extensive service packages on existing or new equipment designed to suit customers’ needs and tailored to realistic customers’ budget.




Year Established


Projects Completed

 > 5.1 million Cubic meters a year

Effluent Water feed to Our Recycling Systems

> 3.0 million
Cubic metres a year

Product Water produce by Our Recycling Systems  




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